A holistic and modern approach to education, inspired by artificial intelligence

Empowering voices through Career On-Demand Intelligence (CODI).

CODI enables students to discover, learn, grow and realize their true potential.


Learning is critical to shape a students career. We believe it is important to ensure that a student has all of the tools necessary to be successful. We are committed to students success.


Through discovery students can explore requirements, environments and receive guidance where they learn more about the requirements and certifications required for their chosen major.


CODI focus is to help students build a strong career by laying the foundation from university to certifications to landing opportunities in chosen area of specialties.

CODI Features:

Introducing CODI

CODI ScholarĀ© is your guide to your future career. CODI help students to achieve their dreams without being over stressed. With CODI Scholar we provide the beginning steps to your success with a mapping of your career.

Funding Sources

Comprehensive details of scholarships, fellowships, awards and grants available to students. Students can filter based on location, degree, major and gender. 

Relax Zones

CODI Scholar offers zones to help over stressed students to release based areas of interest. Our zones are tailored to focus, fun and calm. Each zone is filled with activities that students are sure to enjoy.

Certifications Search

CODI Scholar enables students to explore certifications that are available based on area of student as well as level. This helps students to map out their future without being overstressed.


Explore webinars available in your area which can be filtered based on location and areas of study. Our search terms enable students to select webinars based on their area of study as well as add it to their calendar.


Explore opportunities available based on your area of study. It can be difficult to find opportunities that enables students to learn on the job. With our application you can select opportunities of interest by degree, major, location and type such as internship, full-time, part-time, or new graduate. Our services are here to help students be successful.