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the world’s most sophisticated AI career guide. CODI AI Provides everything a student needs to succeed.


CODI provides students with options to guide them to their dream careers. Through CODI, students can map out degree plans stress-free. CODI provides guidance for certifications based on student’s chosen career paths. To relieve student life’s day-to-day stress, relax zones offer an avenue to relax based on the area of activity. We understand the stress of finding employment as a student and upon graduation. CODI provides avenues for students to find gainful employment. Check out CODI today for all your student needs.


CODI enables employers to find students for employment as an internship as well as upon graduation. Regardless of your employment needs, CODI enables employers to find top talent for all their needs. Our subscription platform provides employers with access to resumes, past projects, and a direct connection to schedule interviews. Check out CODI for all your hiring needs.